Learning and earning in North Tyneside

Thomas Brooks

Business and Administration

Apprenticeships at North Tyneside Homes

A key aim for North Tyneside Homes has been to develop a stepping stone to provide participants an opportunity to bridge the gap from apprenticeships to full time employment. Apprentices work on a rotational system across different service areas, helping them to develop their knowledge and understanding of the business and develop new skills by working with different people, customers and experiencing different situations.

The success of their approach to training and support is evident, last year all four apprentices secured permanent employment after completing their training. An additional four young people have now been recruited and have quickly settled in to their new roles.

"My name is Thomas Brooks, I have successfully completed my Business Administration apprenticeship NVQ Level 2. I enjoyed my apprenticeship and always felt like I was able to contribute to the organisation.

The apprenticeship programme improved my career prospects and confidence inside and outside of work. It opened up opportunities and new experiences I wouldn’t have got anywhere else. Without the new skills taught by experienced work colleagues I wouldn’t have been as outgoing and confident as I am today.

I believe I am a prime example of how well the apprenticeship programme can work. I am now in full time employment with North Tyneside Homes as an Administrative Assistant for the Business Development Unit."

Business and Administration

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